Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 41

M getting crabby that I haven't put her toy together fast enough. She's an awful lot like that nursery rhyme: There was a little girl, with a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid.

Except M has my stick straight hair.

P, playing with his new dinosaur that he got for peepeeing in the potty!! Sadly, it hasn't happened since. Sigh. I think I just make stubborn potty trainers.

J playing in the ketchup. This boy loves to dip things in ketchup, it's adorable! And he's very precise about it, very careful too. It's something you really have to see to understand.

Day 40

M cracking up at being tickled. She loves it, always wants to be tickled when she sees one of the other babes getting tickled. It helps that she's incredibly ticklish, especially under the chin!

P's turn for a sleeping photo! I love seeing him asleep, he really has the face of an angel as he's sleeping.

J enjoying an after-lunch top off. I know, I should get rid of the bottles... but he loves them... and I do too...

Day 39

M asleep after a hard days work/play. She always sleeps like this, right up against the wall.

SNOW!!??!?!? Yes, snow in Southern Arizona! P was fascinated, just fascinated. Especially when he dropped it and heard the cool "splersh" type sound it made.
J, in the meantime, decided to sneak Ps yogurt away and have a go at feeding himself. Not bad, not bad. Apparently quite pleased with himself too!

Day 38

It's amazing the things that entertain children. Take, for example, red cups. Did you know they make your voice louder, like a microphone? Well, M has discovered the genius of a red cup, you should come play with her. She even entertains herself by doing it.

P thought he did even better, and yes, that's M lurking in the background waiting for her turn again.
J took this opportunity to make a go at removing every single movie from the movie drawer. He seems to target Disney movies and CJ's Michael Jordan highlights DVD. I guess he has a vendetta against cartoons and heroes.

Day 37

M getting into a jumping groove on the couch. Both she and P love jumping on the couch, drives CJ nuts, but it's adorable.

P and Rosie. The kid plays with Thomas constantly, what can I say. Don't mind the french fry on the floor, we decided to have a picnic on the floor instead of eating at the table.

Just TRY and tell me that isn't one adorable smile! He's going to be such a ladies man.

Day 36

Subway for lunch! As we were waiting for CJ to order the sandwiches and bring them over, I had my trusty little Canon point and shoot camera in my bag, and P decided to try his hand at photography. This was his picture of M being a goober:

I snapped this one of P playing, right before he snagged the camera from me:

P took this one of J too. Poor J, as he gets impatient/hungry his little head starts tilting and that dang shoulder starts coming up. His PT says that's something he'll do for the rest of his life whenever he gets stressed or is learning something new. But what a sweet little face, even frustrated at a grumbly in the tumbly.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 35

Donuts! Well... donut holes. Always a big hit in our house, and likely to get snatched and stolen away if not hidden well. I love this photo of M, it really caught her eyes beautifully. I love that her eyes have barely changed color since how they were when she was born.

P showing his donut, and praying I don't take a bite out of it. Generous little boy, he almost always is willing to share food. Thomas... not so much.

J was so pleased to be big enough to have an entire donut hole to himself! He enjoyed every lick of sugar he got from it, and I enjoyed vacuuming up what didn't make it to his mouth.

Day 34

M and her grapes... that kid loves grapes. And My Little Pony. That one especially cool because that pink thing on one of the feet? It's a magnet. It's fascinated many a time at Church, to ward off an incoming fit of the wiggles. And yes, J is trying to steal either a grape, the pony, or both. He's smooth like that.

Cinderellas shoe! I knew P was a Prince Charming... I won't, however, post the photos of him trying to walk in Cinderellas shoe. That would be wierd.

See, both our boys have a feminine side. J likes to model hair clippies for M every so often, especially when she bribes him with candy or toys. He's easy.

Day 33

They made birdie watching binoculars at preschool, M was determined to find all the birdies in the house! Instead she found two little pests called P and J that were determined to see what was so great about these "binclairs". M ended up peeling the binoculars apart, good thing they made them again the next day, eh?

P and trains. Again. "ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.... CHOO CHOO!!!! Wook out, here comes Thomas!"

Not artistic or creative, but I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! Little devil horns on this kid!! Thanks to the macaroni and cheese for helping J's hair stand up like that. Who needs hairspray, right?

Day 32

It was M's turn to bring the snack bucket to school. Oh, she loves that snack bucket, for more than just the snacks...

P and his Thomases... he lines them up everywhere! He lined these up and then decided to put some of them along the couch, which is what he's doing in the background. I think my favorite part of this picture is that this Thomas has that funny "oh no! what's he done now!" look on his face. Classic.

J loves to play with Thomas too, but has to be sneaky or P won't share nicely, probably because J loves to take apart the nicely lined up trains and tracks. Little monkey.

Day 31

Super Bowl Sunday!
M wired by the end of the night. Daddy and our friend Tim didn't help her get calmed down by the two of them jumping on the couch with the Cards late in the 4th quarter touchdown... too bad the Steelers still won...
Really wierd photo of P, I know. But I was trying to get a photo of his top gums. See the nice cut he somehow got on it? Yeah, NO idea how he hit the couch and did that. Lots of blood from it though, and right before everyone came over. Poor boy was so upset, but a cold damp cloth help stop the blood, and within minutes he and Isaac were running around playing with Thomas.
Poor J was wiped out from all the noise and playing. I love it when he falls asleep in my arms, he rarely does it anymore. It's the biggest thing I miss about him getting so big...

Day 30

Splash Time at the local pool! M loves the water, and loves the pool because it has toys to play with in the water, AND three slides; one is a kids slide shaped like a little boat wreck, and then two "big people" slides, that she goes down with no fear with daddy. Those aren't open during Splash Time, so she just played with the toys and went down the little slide, and played away.

P, on the other hand, is quite scared/wary of water. Can't say I blame him, he used to love the water until he had a really scary incident with water almost a year ago, and has never been the same with water since. He's very cautious and you have to let him take his time getting used to it. He prefers to sit along the shallow sides and play there.

J doesn't mind water, but apparently we were in it for too long, look at those little prune toes! He happily sucked his fingers and splashed a bit the whole time though, he was quite content in the hot pool.

Day 29

M had her dance recital... didn't go so well. She was very over excited at first, and wasn't listening, so she got reprimanded, and that just ruined it. Sigh. Sometimes being a parent sucks when you feel like hud for scolding your child. Here she is, pre-recital, playing on the steps. She was so happy and bouncy, looking back I feel horrible for getting frustrated.

P was indifferent to all of it, he played with his cars through both dances, in his own little boyish world.

J was the only thing that got her back in a good mood. After her dance she came and sat down and asked to hold him. Who would deny her the chance to get absolute love from a baby like J?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 28

Not the best photo of M, but it really shows her eye color. I haven't enhanced her eye color or anything, this really is their color, ask any of the "local ladies".

Funny photo of P too, but he wasn't in the mood for the camera this day. Ah well, I take what I can!
Cute little J, always interested in what the action is that's going on! He's still not walking, but in all honesty, I don't mind at all. He's still my baby this way.

Day 27

M was helping me sort laundry and I had an extra hanger. M was so focused on the movie she was watching that she just kept hanging onto it.

P showing Isaac and J where the basketball goes. No, he's not that tall, he was standing on a stool, little cheater.

J loves cookies, and his dirty face is just too sweet and cute to always wipe off right away.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 26

M loves grapes. She decided she would get her own snack after school, and thought this would suffice. Ummm. no. She got about 10 and had to put the rest away.

P and our old Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium. We bought it when I was pregnant with M, and played the music all the time to get her to sleep. Same with P, he just loved that music. J wasn't that into it, but we had a noise machine for him anyways, so the Aquarium got put with the rest of our toys. I was cleaning out the toy mess last week and M and P rediscovered this, and now it gets brought out everyday, just to be listened to. They're all fascinated with it.

J really loves fruits. I mean, reeeeally loves them. Any fruit; kiwi, grapes, blueberries, bananas, apples, pears... all that. Little addict.

Day 25

M being tickled, and just being funny. I just love that little crazy.

Okay, so this is both P and J, but it's such a typical afternoon before M comes home. The two of them, a few toys around them, and both of them chowing down Goldfish crackers of some variety. Total boy peace.

J, waiting at the bathroom door for M to come out, hoping to sneak in to play with the tub toys. He thinks he's so devious, but he's really just so predictably lovable.